Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Iceland - Bloody hell fire yes

Whoever said that the Eurovision of 2013 was " A bit shit" is clearly a) Right and b) in the wrong ways.

I would say that the songs are clearly better in this the 2nd semi final and Iceland goes to prove it.  Once again they have polished this song into a contender for qualifying.  Eyesore, or what ever his name is, gives a crackingly emotional performance that this song deserves.  His look hasn't changed, but Roy thinks he doesn't needs a white preachers suit, and I think that he doesnt need to look THAT earnestly into the camera with the overblown hand gestures but aside from that, it's doing business all across Europe in a way that Jonsi should have done in Istanbul.  (He clearly heard me typing this (a good skill) because he changed into his black wedding suit for the last rehearsal and looked 100% better - well done RUV for preempting what I write !)

 The difference between that song and this one is clear, its about 50% better and less acted and more sung, and Eythor believes what he is singing, and therefore makes me believe it, despite not knowing a word of Iceland (like most of Europe) - this song has jury sponge written through it and televoter friends.....  Yeah, watch it climb!!


  1. I think this will qualify.
    The basis of this is that my wife (who is not a Eurovision fan at all) was subjected to all 39 songs, and this is the only one she said she liked. When she says that, it usually does well.

    Darren, Berkshire, UK

    1. I am with Mrs Darren of Berkshire, because it was the only one I REALLY liked on first hearing. I've now heard all songs 41 times, but most voters won't have gone to such lengths.