Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I appear to have been neglecting the colour commentary

I'm sorry, dear reader, but you come to this blog for the descriptions of the songs....


Cheese and surroundings you say?

oh, OK then!  Last evening the 4 of us in our palatial apartment, and that interloper Elaine Dove from, all decided to go out and explore the so-called "rough" neighbourhood, and this is, of course, Rough by Swedish Standards.  We trotted off down Admiralsgatan at a pace that Elaine's lovely cheap shoes would allow, and found ourselves at the lovingly entitled Sultan Palace where, they told us, that the All you can eat Buffet was a barmy 99SEK (£9.90).

Not one to shrink from a challenge and, indeed, not strangers to food, the 5 of us delved into their Feta and their salad and their meat ( well Roy did the Veggies) and their lovely Pasta dishes - and their Tuborg beer, till we had eaten our fill. ( as opposed to eaten Phil, which I would not have liked at all let me tell you).  You had to roll us out of the place as we paid, though for me, that's not that much of a challenge.

Some of them went off to Eurocafe *and* Euroclub (the gadabouts) - Garrett from Eurovisionireland and I went via the local Co-op for Diet Coke (to which I have an addiction) and chocolate.  God damn fine Swedish Chocolate that I can't pronounce but the strawb one has actual bits of Strawb in it, now for a diabetic, this could be death, but I injected myself with plenty and fell into a chocolate sleep of lovelyness!

Our Apartment is also lovely, it's actually someones house and she has let it to us 4 "as is" - including all the acoutrements of her own life lovingly locked away or left out with do not touch on them.  It has a living room of massive proportions, a kitchen with all the comforts of home, a table in every room with chairs and just lots of homely charm.  Lena, our hostess, wants to meet us at some point as she too is "in media" - I think we might just scare her!!

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