Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bulgaria - Haven't we heard this song before.....

Remix of Voda don't you say? - well yes but then again no song is completely new is it?!?

The first thing that will strike you is that they have been to the Royal Marines Drum School in order to learn choreographed drumming - it's almost like competitive drumming where Elitsa is trying to be more competitive than Stoyan rather than combining to form a competent song.  There is lots of drumming, almost *too much* drumming in this one (Yes I know its their schtick, but Europe won't remember Voda, so it'll be new to them!) and it detracts from what is, at best, only a semi good song.

The one saving grace is that its uptempo but its disadvantages (Bulgarian, Familiarity, Drumming, Silly man playing the bagpipes turning into another head dress, Her being a broody mare on screen and looking a bit severe) all count against it to such a degree I can't see it qualifying now.  It's not a bad song... just a negative one.

Edit 1 - they have turned the lights up on the backing singers all of whom now have some sort of national costume on them, but they dont look a  particularly happy bunch of people!!

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