Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Malta......... Just stop it

Dear TVM, can you stop your singer being out of time with the backing track please. 

Yours Europe!

That was basically his first rehearsal in a bag to be honest, therefore I hoped and prayed that the 2nd were better.
Thankfully someone clearly told him, and therefore he was a lot better.  Gianluca uses the full stage, walkway and ministage, he looks into the camera, sings sweetly ( though totally the same as *his* NF performance, that does seem a theme to be honest this time) -  The words are projected on the back for those of us that like to sing along a Gianluca and the happy clappy beat is very very infectious with this song. 

The only thing that puts me off this being 100% great is those self same words.  They are incredibly annoying when you start to look at them and no matter how gentile Gianluca's voice is - its just something in the corner of your eye......

However, he does carry the song very well, though, and scarily, it has the odour of the Olsens about it... The one that no one gets, but has the auditorium clapping along.... Scared yet Europe?

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