Wednesday, 8 May 2013


...talking of kitchen sinks, this one has them too in a very different way.  Krista knows what this song is about and she clearly plays up to the song - and thats not a bad thing to be honest.   Her Annunciation of key words (and you know which ones they are) are better than they ever were.  It's everything you would expect it to be..... and then bits you would not expect, like a wedding vail attached to her head and a wind machine, and then, of course, *that* kiss at the end ( at the end of the runthrough we have just watched, Hendrick, the Stage Manager said " No Tongues" - to which Krista replied " I didnt!!!!").

It's a shame its coming on after Azerbaijan but, in my humble opinion, this shows Azerbaijan off as being formulaic whereas Krista knows she's taking the piss, and lets the crowd know.  Two facets of Eurovision back to back makes this song a good one too.  Should be qualifying as there is hardly anything to work on with this one - thankfully the package stands up to scrutiny.

On an aside, and if anyone knows the answer I'd be grateful, Krista seems to be damaged, Her knee is in a Tubeagrip bandage, anyone know why??

Edit 1 - RALF GYLLENHALL PYROS!! - YLE clearly have raised the piggy bank for this one - sets it all off a treat!

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