Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Azeri kitchen sinks

I don't rightly know where to start with this, though one phrase could describe all of this without looking

"Typical Azeri Eurovision"

It's everything you could possibly imagine, Farid singing on a box, Dancer inside said box doing headstands and becoming a mirror image of Farid, his box turns into the finale of the Crystal Maze with red tokens flying about inside it, a woman in an unfeasibly long red dress adding absolutely nothing to the song apart from being Farid's love interest seemingly, they then prance about the stage some more and a dramatic finish - all we need is the fireworks and they have a full house at Eurovision Azeri Bingo..... check your cards kiddies, it might happen in a later edit.

The question is "Does it detract from the song" - YES is the answer, YES YES YES YES YES.  However, it's so contrived and Eurovision by numbers that its largess isn't going to matter in the Semi Final as it's clearly sailing though, and it won't matter that much in the Final either as its neighbours and the people that think that this is atypical Eurovision will vote for it. Top 10 in the final fo'sho, if you can find decent odds.

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