Wednesday, 8 May 2013

FYR will appear here soon.... shite they have

When they remember to put the feed on the screen from the Malmerrr Arena to here for more than half the song - although thankfully the two halves do indeed make a whole.

From what we have seen, and I will edit this later, this could be Jacques Villeneuve and Kikki Danielsson in her post apocalyptic days singing a shouty song that only they understand.  It's very in your face, and when you have a face like hers.... ( finish this sentence at will).  They have, so it is said, switched this song into English - though I actually couldn't tell the difference.

Right - they are on Screen  He seems to have 1980's NHS Tinted specs on, then Esma comes on stage who prances about the stage and doesn't really add anything to it, but she has a pair o lungs on her and makes me smile, then its back to him, perched on the edge of the stage, seemingly as far away from Esma as he can physically be - it gives me the sense that all is not well as its been directed that most of the camera time is on Esma, making me wonder what on earth is he feeling as he is not the talent in his own song.  Only at the end do they get together with the backing singers creeping into the shot a la Israel mid 90's.

It makes me smile when she comes on stage, but I don't know if its cos of how she looks, how she acts or how she sings, either way, its on the cusp. 


  1. Is there any chance of a full on homage to Israel with some synchronized strutting?

    1. There is plenty of that - just not in this one sadly