Wednesday, 8 May 2013

San Marino....oh??

Now Ante-Post, this was a good bet for the final, decent song, decent singer, lots of power.... Then they got onto the stage.  There is a fine like between FanWank and Dramatic and I am now officially not sure which side of the line this is.  Valentina is desparate to make up for the failure of last year's entry, but arguably she has tried too hard vocally.  She certainly gave it her all ( for 10.40am in the morning) but if that is all she has to give come Thursday next, I think she might be in trouble.

Visually its got all of the elements of the video in it, the ball, the dress, the wind machine and sadly it seems to have transplanted all the elements directly to the stage performance and, as said above, its definitely dramatic but it just leaves me a bit cold.

When it comes to the voting, what is Mr Kristiansson in Akranes going to think of this, I believe he may well televote for it, and it should get to the final, but It needs some hard work or some toning down for it to do as well as the fans think it "should".

It's the wrong side of fan wank isn't it?

Edit 1  - She had another couple of goes and vocally it was toned down a bit, and it's still shooting through this bit, but I fear for it in the next bit.

Edit 2 - Thats been confirmed by the fact that she can't seem to count the beats between where the 2 parts of the song have been stapled together, and the timing there seems off, something tells me that she's not happy by the way she's just walked off stage either.   All may not be right here.  

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