Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Viewing Figures update

Now as you know - I publish my viewing figures to show how we are doing - In an open and transparent way....

And so you lot can have a laugh lol!

First 2 days - Visits are up 0.05% on last year. Unique visitors are up 10% and pageviews are up 11.62%

Things are going ok!! - Thanks for staying with us - Please feel free to comment, its always appreciated!


  1. I still want that bitch to end up last in semi1!! :)

  2. We love to hear what's happenig at rehearsals, we love to hear about cheese and cake, we love to hear about rude sounding foreign biscuits (still have a packet of Noblice in the cupboard) so keep up the good work. You are driving some of us into a Eurovision frenzy which is as it should be.