Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Latvija - Everyone Scream??

PeR is a good opening to Semi Final 2 -  they are playing to a big stadium and try to get everyone "screaming"  - that may well fall on its backside to be honest.  The Boys are very likable on stage and have that thing that the contest as a whole seems to lack - Energy, they bounce around the stage like likable little puppies and do a lot of stuff and make you smile......  But thats where it ends, there is not a lot to say about the song, it is what it is, a pop song sung well... That could be all you need??!

As Roy has said to me today, he likes *them*, just not this song - and he may have a point, The Eurovision Law of Diminishing Returns says that "You will enter Eurovision with a song thats not as good as your National Final Entries" - and so it is true - *they* are better than *this* - but , *this* will do OK.  On the cusp of qualifying me thinks. 

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