Thursday, 9 May 2013

If Georgia 2013 did Azerbaijan 2011 or Denmark 2010

You'd get this! - Do I need to get an Oxfam appeal out for more kitchen sinks for the residents of Batumi, because Georgian TV have thrown theirs at this.  All it needs are dancers on wires and you have Eurovision Numberwang with this one!!

It's probably 2 years too late to do anything major but Nodie and Sophie have clearly read the Eurovision Template Song book, because this has everything.  Big notes, no chemistry between the artistes (She doesn't look at him), spine chilling lack of choreography and the punter friendly ballad. 

Vocally whipped to within an inch of its very short, embryonic life, it almost ticks all the boxes, however, there are better songs in this contest - Top 10 for sure, so we will not be going to Batumi.  It'll scare some queens into thinking it might, but no....

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