Thursday, 9 May 2013

Prog Rock Albania

All you need to know about this osng is there is an old boy on the mini stage playing the guitar in the middle 8 of this - that should tell you everything.

It is, as Ewan at tells me, a 33 minute Prog Rock song condensed into 3 minutes - which is a trick in itself you would have thought.  However vocally its ok, but it doesn't hit any of the notes that you would expect a semi decent rock song to get.  I think that if there is a pyros run through there are going to be a plenty of them in this one.

and I was right - It gets Dry Ice a plenty in this one, in fact I dont think I have ever seen quite so much dry Ice in one plae and the lead singer, that looks a bit like Fred Dinage on Crack got completely covered.  Loads of drumkits on stage but overall its a beautiful mess of a song. - including flames out of a guitar and yet more Co2 at the end of the song!!! 

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