Monday, 6 May 2013

Just when you have seen everything

The Ukraine come along with a Giant carrying her onto stage! -  A proper 7/8 foot giant person and to be honest, after Europe see that, they will be in so much laughter that the song will be ignored - It literally now has become Beauty and the Beast in musical format....

Johnny Logan once sang " What do you say when words are not enough" - I think you say "Fuck it's a giant!!" - Careful there is also some manner of largess when it comes to the dress as well!

Anyhow, if I can stop laughing, i'll judge the song.  I would have said that it was a strong song with cracking vocals and Zlata is a lovely woman that belts out a Disney Ballad on stage to great effect and should qualify but, frankly, it's all about the Giant.  I understand the concept but... really?!?!

Zlata also is singing on a pedistal which keeps catching her high heels and she has almost fell off at least 3 times... There is so much that could go wrong in this song, I'm almost hoping beyond hope that the wheels come off next Tuesday!

It's still qualifying because it's the Ukraine but......

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