Monday, 6 May 2013

This is what they bloody want!!

I'm going to use my first Royism of the year...

"Shit my old boots"

She may look like Princess Fiona from the popular Shreck series, but she has the voice of an angel and not a fallen one. 

The producers have juxtaposed, as MartinF from tells me, this and Denmark and it's a close run thing as to who should do better.  Denmark is the favorite, but this will do some business.  It has Belisha Beacons from UK Pelican crossings not blinking  but just on stage - I fear, however, the hypocrisy of this song will be its ultimate undoing to be honest and whilst she's a cracking singer and musically the song builds very nicely thank you, There is just something missing

.....but *I* like it ;)

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