Friday, 10 May 2013

Lithuania - me no see!!! - Moving onto Belarus

The Walls Icecream song now comes on stage and Alonya needs a commissionaires uniform and go " Lickey Licky Ice Cream!!", but instead the glitterball comes to her aid and distracts you from the flummery that is going on around her.

On her 2nd run through she had issues with her ears - i.e the monitoring seemed a bit bad and the backing dancers ran into each other and that just highlights the frailty of this song.  If it goes wrong on.... Tuesday, yes thats the one, the wheels could come off this big style.  If it all hangs together which it should do  expect this to qualify easily.  In the next round, something has to come out of the bag for it to finish higher than about 15th. 

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