Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Well after a restful night - we have started with the 2nd half of the first Semi Final - Montenegro is on stage now...

Well I presume they are ut at the moment we can't see them - we have moved to the bigger auditorium, but there is no power down here so it might have to be nipping hither and thither to power up the laptop but, we'll cope!

And, on cue, they appear like a vision out of heavy smoke wearing..... SPACESUITS.... It's dubstep in the USS Enterprise, then your lead singer appears from under the stage and does lots of... stuff, believe me, when you see the 35 seconds of this,  it'll not give you any sense of what on earth is going on.  Shes like something out of Starship Troupers!!

Haters will hate, is the phrase that comes to mind with this one - I am told that it is " of it's genre" - the big question is, Is that Genre for this contest - it should be..... but am not sure - however I think it might sneak into 9th or 10th place, it does only have to beat six. 

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