Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Roy says that this is growing on him and I can see why I guess...  Roberto and I currently have a disconnect which, if it's with the audience as well, could be a problem.  He just doesn't come across as he believes what he is singing - mind you, it's so incipid i'm not all together surprised.  The song is monotonic and wrist slittingly un-exciting that you would think it would need something to get it going, something that Roberto isn't giving it.

However, maybe its that disconnect that is the selling point of this song - He has that young hipster not looking at the camera thing that is so in vogue at the moment and, as with the other one,  it's very of its genre but, again, like Montenegro you have to ask whether or not it has its place in this particular contest.  Vocally, however, Roberto is spot on as you would expect apart from a couple notes where he is slightly out of tine but, overall - yeah, not bad at all.

Still worried bout his lack of stage presence though....

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  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh, Ireland soon. He's definitely the dark horse for me this year.