Tuesday, 7 May 2013


ahhh yes, Callipo, no, Solero - I knew the title was an ice cream of some sort.

As dear old Chris Tarrant used to say on Tiswas " This is what they want!!" - It's an all you can eat Buffet of Cheese, more cheese, Eurovision, Glitter Balls, Backing singers and all sorts of things that make the generic fan go "oooh", the casual watcher go " hahahha" and the discerning reader of the blog go " yup, thats qualifying"

She comes out of her glitter ball, sings the song well, and then prances around the stage with so much gay abandon that you would think that she's tailored this song to a certain section of society - considering she's from an oppresive regime, that seems surprising!!!

However back to the song, it makes me smile for all the wrong reasons, thankfully the camera doesnt stray on here too much as she's "had work done", and the 2 dancers suddenly arent enough half way through, the backing singers a la Israel mid 90's do some drumming and get in on the act!

It's thoroughly fabulous!! - for all the wrong reasons and may well have pyros in it momentarily.

Edit 1 - Sadly, or perhaps fittingly, the Pyro's were hardly MANS fireworks, more slightly camp women's fireworks  - such is the way of this song and contest sometimes. 

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