Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Star Trek comes to Malmö

I've escaped my keeper for a few brief minutes so I thought I'd tell you what I think.  Of the rehearsals so far of course.

Montenegro opened the day, and soon banished all those potential hangover blues.  What would Montenegro call their astronauts?  Montenauts perhaps?  Astronegrins?  Anyhoo it gave us all the jolt we need.  But there was more, dear reader.  Third wheel Nina appeared from a hole on stage.  She was dressed as a cyborg.  No, not Björn Borg (that would be just plain ludicrous), but a cyborg from the planet Podgorica.  It will pee all over Anouk's birds come next Tuesday. Sorry, Phil, but the Dutch are going home - again - next Wednesday.

Belgium confused the living daylights out of us due to their well-known twinning link with Lithuania.  He does what he does.  It's growing on me, but so did that nasty little rash after that trip to Kyiv (oops, I've said too much).  I still don't think he'll get through, but who am I to judge how my mother in [secret Estonian location] will vote if I'm not there to make sure she votes the right way?

Then we have Belarus.  I love Belarus.  Not got it so deep inside anymore though.  She emerges from the same glitter ball our Montnegrins also probably came from earlier.  If she got stuck next week that would be funnier than giants bringing singers on stage.  Her backing dancers also make use of some old lid-less globe barbecues they probably found lying about somewhere.  This Mongolian buffet of a song is a serious vote sponge.  She'll be back.

Keep it real.

R x

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