Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tiny bit of controversy with Moldova

She either forgot it was supposed to be in Moldovan, or decided to do stir things up a bit, but went back to Moldovan quite quickly.  She's wearing a Chromakey dress that you can project all sorts of things on, fire and ice mainly, but don't be surprised to see TVM's weather map to appear on her neather regions!!

So, back to the song - It's what you would expect it to be - a very polished performance of a very polished song.  Lots of piano camera shots where Pasha *will* be when he remembers where the cameras are!, she hits all the right notes in the right order, which is a bonus, and clearly has been told where to look and what to do to within  an inch of her life.

On the 2nd run she has been told its Moldovan- which is also a bonus as I think it sounds better in this - Aliona, in my opinion, is also better than this song, its big and dramatic and she even raises in the air at the end of the song and looks very very scary indeed - think Attack of the 50 foot ginger woman and you'll be somewhere close.  Sarah Dawn Finer on a plinth has nothing on this girl!!

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  1. It's Romanian. Apparently, there's no such thing as Moldovan :p