Friday, 10 May 2013

Monty: And Serbia to close

I like a good old yarn, and there's not only one going on in this performance but a whole bunch of oddments of it gone into those costumes. Goodness me! If I didn't know the meaning of the song, a tale of troubled heart-wrenching over whether her man is the right one, or if she'll ever find true love, I would have no idea what was going on here, and nor I suspect will most of Europe. The costumes could almost form a patchwork quilt, knocked together from some hand-me-downs that nobody wished to lay claim to. Blimey, it's a right old mess. And yet somehow I still love it. I thought this was a dead cert, now I'm not so sure. I wish they had stuck,with the hen party angel and devil.

Well that's it for the rehearsals. We're off to the Euro Fan Cafe to sample it's delights this evening. Thanks for bearing with us, it's been a long one. We'll be back tomorrow for semi 2. Now for some much needed succour.

Monty x

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