Friday, 10 May 2013

Sluts and tats to finish the day....

Well that was a fortuitous break to the beer tent, papped the Irish dancer boys and even got up close and personal enough with them to get a rub off those body paint tats... I'm in a state of bleeees....

So the long day winds up now with the Cypriot classy lady, the Belgian shy boy and the Serbian sluts.


Only caught the last run through of this and it looked very classy indeed, she has the look of Rita Guerra about her which is a good thing I think.  This is stripped back and laid bare, or is that stripped bare and laid back?  Anyhow it's simple no nonsense ballad, quite forgettable but also quite charming.  I didn't see Cyprus qualifying but who knows, it could sneak it based on this. 


Love love love this!  You know he's just so sweet and unassuming and I really think he's going to qualify with this.  It's got that lovely churning beat that gets pretty much straight to the point.  Some say it's repetitive and the dancers distract.  I disagree totally, repetitive songs do well often and the dancers fit the performance for me.  Those girls are miserable and sassy, it's a song about heartache after all innit?  Wonderful.  


Oh me oh my, goldilocks and the three sluts for Serbia.  They are taking a huge gamble here trying to tell a story in the three minutes of the blonde girl's tussle between good and bad.  They ae trussed up in what can only be described as outfits noramlly seen in a confectionary shop at a Disneyland.  It's all very camp and rather comical but I'm not sure that's what the Serbian delegation was aiming for.  Such a catchy song but the performance is risky.  Surely qualifying because of who they are and having this late draw but I'm not totally convinced. 

So there we have it, the first semi in its entirety.  I'm going to hold off reviewing my qualifiers until I see them all performed back to back or at least until I've slept on it.... or passed out on it depending how the night goes! 

So all the second semi finalists to come tomorrow. A super Saturday in store...

God natt


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