Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 29 - NORWAY I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger

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Margaret Berger is one to watch. To be frank, she’s the kind of artist I’d love to see more of in Eurovision: contemporary and already making an impact beyond just the confines of fandom. Her song is a darkly brooding tale of love which she wishes us to feast upon. In fact she’s going to feed it directly to us. The minx! On stage she’s all Nordic Ice-Queen, oozing sex from every curve of her snug-fitting bondage-frock. Her vocals pierce the throbbing electronic beat and the lighting adds to a steadily energetic frenzy which is going to raise the roof in Malmö. It’s a delicious combination, one of those Eurovision songs that has its grounding way outside the Contest’s traditions and advances the modernity of the show by years. I really like this, and it seems a clear contender for a top 5 finish, if not the overall winner. Whatever the outcome you feel that Berger’s going to use the show as a stepping stone to a successful career, and this is refreshing; where the UK and some others are so long in the tooth that being given the gig is the career equivalent of being put out to pasture it’s nice to see countries like Norway and acts like our Maggie, The Feeder, coming at it from precisely the opposite view. Delicious! Feed me more!

My score: douze points!  

Monty x

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