Sunday, 5 May 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 34 - SLOVENIA Straight Into Love by Hannah

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My perception of Slovenia at Eurovision is that they’ve generally performed reasonably well, though a glance back at their record indicates that perception to be wrong. They’ve only qualified twice since the semi finals were introduced in 2004, and only actually finished in the top 10 three times since their debut 20 years ago, peaking at 7th. I’m not really sure they’re going to improve on that this year. Hannah is an American singer whose credits include Disney films but she seems a bit lost on the opposite side of the pond. The original version of this song seemed to flirt with several genres of music as it flitted through electronic, to ballad, to dance and back to mid-tempo, never really making its mind up what it want to be nor really ever getting going. It was, as my gran would have said, “neither nowt nor summat”. Just when you wanted Hannah to go all-out dance diva she was plodding around it again, staying nowhere within it long enough for you to appreciate it. Then we got this zhoozhed up version that admittedly hangs together much better, benefitted by a moist boy taking a bath in the video. It’s improved it a lot, and from being a no-hoper it’s now actually one of my favourites, which I have to admit has rather taken me by surprise. On stage I don’t know if Hannah has enough about her to see it qualifying, but it might sneak through by virtue of it not being a ballad.

My score: 7 points

Monty x

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