Sunday, 5 May 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 35 - SPAIN Contigo Hasta El Final by ESDM

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I have to admit a little bias toward the Spanish here. Well, who doesn’t love them and their Latin passion? Of all the countries I want to win Eurovision the most it’s a close call between Spain and neighbours Portugal. I just want to go somewhere warm in May! But it’s not all about lamenting the weather; Spain has entered some cracking songs (and had some near misses in their national final as I’m still convinced that La Revolucion Sexual is the 2008 Eurovision winner that never was – *sigh*). Last year support amongst the Spanish fans for their entry was at a level I’ve rarely seen for any singer and Pastora Soler (and her big, big note) finished a very respectable 10th. This year it’s the turn of a charming group whose name I keep thinking is short for BDSM kinky sexual practices. (It actually stands for El Sueno De Morfeo, or Morpheus’ Dream, but perhaps they think we’re not up to such a mouthful?) They play gentle pop with a Celtic feel, and singer Raquel’s beautiful vocals are like honey drizzled over the top of your favourite comfort food. But gentle is the word here, and as lovely as this is it might be just too understated to stand alongside the crash boom bang that a Eurovision final tends to serve up. My dream, however, would be that its integrity as a song might serve it very well, as it feels like there’s an honesty here which could trump the pomp of the power balladeers, though I’m not going to hold my breath. If there’s any justice this should finish in the top half, but the Eurovision scoreboard is not always a democratic court.

My score: 10 points

Monty x

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