Saturday, 11 May 2013

Totally Max'd out


Oh gosh we nipped out to the mall to grab a Max burger which totally hit the spot however in doing so we missed our Greek boys but from what I hear they have a good performance and some kind of illuminations on their instruments which gives it something extra. Most people seem to think they are doing things right here and I'd be inclined to agree. Going to get up close and personal with them at their press conference now, hoping for free booze galore..


Now Moron filmed a video last weekend in Eilat which is now doing the rounds on the media sites with one of the hottest specimens known to man or beast! Gosh knows why she didnt film it earlier as it could have garnered her a few extra points from the gays! Now this is a belter, an intense vocal and nice sweeping camera shots with well timed breaks to the two backing singers. This is a very nice package and isn't she a well rounded package in THAT frock? I've got over it now and love the plunging cleavage, a cleavage that plunges to new depths. I'd like to see this in the final. I think it might. 


Oh gosh no this is ruly awful to my eyes and ears. Still the bottom of my bottom and I'd imagine very few points out there for this from anyone. Surely another dead cert non qualifier. Can I move on now? 

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