Saturday, 4 May 2013

Big 6 - From a moving Train!

Isn't first class wi-fi wonderful??

Anyhoo, you dont want to hear about the Genoa cake and Ginger Biscuits i've just been served, you want to hear about the big 6 dont you?

France - A happy go lucky little ditty from France..... said no one ever, clearly they have gone for the mood music this year as its a little bit dark and depressing but, i fear, she'll try to have the same stage presence as Patricia Kass, but have the results of Patricia Kraus.

Spain - My Lovely Horse lives! - It's not a bad song don't get me wrong, it's just a little bit... well.. misplaced to be honest.  Nice never does well, therefore this won't be doing well.

Germany - This is more like it!  This has "gay Eurovision Frenzy" written all the way through it - When Cascada comes on stage, or down to the Slag House at some point in the next week, she's going to be mobbed by the ne'er do wells in the family who are going to boost her ego by telling her she's the best thing since sliced bread.  She isn't...... however don't say that this song isn't a contender, because it ticks all of the old fashioned Eurovision Boxes  this is, so they say, what Eurovision should be......  Is that good enough??

Sweden - Home town votes are not going to save this - It will go very big in the Malmeeer Arena-shed, but It suffers from Denmark Disease.... How many times can you say the same phrase without it becoming incredibly annoying.... I'd say about 17 too many in this song.

Italy - Marmite in vocal format this one, I know lots of people that love it, and loads of people that despise it in equal measure but i think its good enough to do business across Euopre, don't, therefore, be surprised when it climbs the leaderboard.

United Kingdom.  The two schools of thought on this are both right.  On the one hand she is an experienced singer that will do this justice *if* she sings it well live.  On the other hand is she too old at 61?? - She certainly seems to be putting the mileage in to get the promotion tour sorted out, which is good, but the two performances, neither of which I have seen or heard, as they are not rehearsals, seem to be a little bit tinny.  Potential for top 10, also potential for disaster - let's hope someone has told her Friday Night is important too. 

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  1. Re: the UK. Those of us who saw Bonnie on the Norters show last night could be forgiven for feeling a sense of impending doom. She's a game bird, all right, but even Bonnie can't defy nature. No amount of botox will make an old voice sound as sweet and strong as that of a 'youngster'. Sorry Bonnie.