Saturday, 4 May 2013

Monty: Malmö-a-go-go

Well, not quite a-go-go for me yet, not until Thursday, I’m just getting myself a bit excitable. I’m nursing a red wine hangover of truly Georgian delegation party proportion and whilst being otherwise fit for nothing this afternoon I’ve been following through social meed-yah the travels of various friends and bloggers who are already en route or even in-situ. Even our own Phil is making the journey now too, in First Class don’t you know.

I love this time of year; the excitement builds with the anticipation of getting our first glimpses of the staging, moving our endless discussions onto another level as we have more information to base our views on. I also love the anticipation of seeing friends again from all over the world, all the sweeter this year as some who didn’t make it to Baku last year will be back. Within just a few days we’ll be sifting through the morsels that the rehearsals throw up, assuming we get to see anything of them for the first four days, and enjoying paying £8 for a beer in the Slag House.

Last night we also got to have our first real look at the home entry here in the UK. Bonnie Tyler was on the Graham Norton chat show, singing live. You can see her performance here and judge it for yourself.

I’ve yet to reach the UK in my Countdown but to give you an early idea of my views I’m pleased to say that I like it, and will be backing Bonnie in Malmö. I like the vocal she delivered last night, softened, with good backing, and she’s clearly a performer at ease. I’m less keen on some of the gestures and movement, and I hope she ditches this in favour of a ‘straighter’ performance and some more engagement with the camera. More refreshing was the brief interview afterwards: honest in the desire to win, but realistic in her actual chances, and – publicly at least – focussed on a performance she’s happy with as opposed to her finishing position. She also clearly knows that this is the best shop window she could get for the new album, and I like that perspective.

So, over the next few days I’ll get you up to date with the remaining 10 songs in my Countdown and Phil will update you from the field. Good to have you all with us, and I hope you enjoy the journey as Eurovision fortnight begins once more.

Monty x

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