Friday, 3 May 2013

De-camping to Malmo?

I appreciate that's an oxymoron with some of us, but over the weekend we are traveling out to Sweden's third city for some Eurovision Shenani-gans.  Expect the usual schick from the usual people and you might even *like* it (steady!!)

Phil n team!


  1. Speak for yourself, Primrose!

    Look forward to the usual jaded views, blurry party pics and Test Match Special style noodlings about cheese and cake.

    It's what Eurovision's for!

  2. Primrose! That's so going to stick...

  3. I trust we will be reading the lovely and thoroughly un-PC musings of a certain Mr Franko? (Eurovision's answer to Reginald D. Hunter). I suggest you lock the brandy away now.